Sunday, October 12, 2014

FS401, HYCCT1404

The HYCCT challenge issued by Sabrina is "Holding it together...or falling apart.
When someone gets the diagnosis that they really didn't want and hears that they have cancer, they can feel that their world is falling apart. Sadly many women who hear this news have families, and they have find that inner core of resilience to hold it together for their families.

Sabrina's challenge to you is to hold it together without your usual resources. No foam dots, no ATG or other tape, no wet glues or Glossy Accents, no glue gun...
You can use things like brads, eyelets, stitching (machine or hand), staples..."

I used brads.

The FS is Stampinangie. A new gallery for me. I choose this card to case.  I changed the theme, used dp insead of cardstock and made mine an A2 card.

 Lori says: "Fatigue is one of the big side effects of both radiation and chemotherapy. I imagine it is important to the folks going through these treatments to feel as warm and cozy as possible. Let's do what we can to give them the warm fuzzies!! For my challenge I would like you to use warm colors (color wheel below) and something fuzzy, ie: blanket, sweater, animal images, twine, yarn, etc.
Warm colors with fuzzies, ie: animal, twine, flower soft, blanket something fuzzy".

I used SU Brown Flock for the rawhide hat band and added a twine bow.
   I am now officially caught up-to-date on the Hope You Can Cling To (HYCCT) challenges!  YEA!

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renee said...

no one can do cowboys like you!! love him..both are great cards Vicky, for a great cause..