Thursday, September 11, 2014

WT495, Marble

I quote Michelle, today's WT hostess: "September 11th is a day that is now synonymous with the tragic events that occurred in 13 years ago on the East Coast of the US. This week's challenge is inspired by the heroes that emerged from the rubble of that fateful day.
To honor our heroes, we erect monuments and statues. To ensure those tributes last, we make them out of stone, granite, marble, and other hardened products that will stand the test of time, so that we never forget these great men and women who have inspired and sacrificed for us.
For this challenge, I want you to use granite, marble, or stone in your project"

I knew immediately I was going to do the polished stone....however.....when I went to get my alcohol, I remembered that Ms. Laynee had gotten her ears pierced and I gave the alcohol to her for her ears! I had to resort to the internet and searched out marble images and found the marble I used.

I love this Sizzix stand up die.

Raining here...going to the movie....hope you have a good day!


Becky said...

wow, what a stunning card!

renee said...

well done vicky.