Friday, September 19, 2014

F4A239, Petite Rogue

Today's F4A challenge is "birds, birds, birds".

I love birds and bird cards.  I also am still short on Thanksgiving cards, so I decided a turkey was also one of my favorite birds...but or different reasons!  Poor turkeys!!!

and then, we have to do a bird of a different Petite Rogue:

 "Do you know what Petite Rouge means?

It's French for "Little Red," as in "Little Red ... Riding Hood."

In the book Petite Rouge, by author Jim Harris, Little Red Riding Hood is a Cajun girl from Louisiana, where lots of people speak French... at least part of the time.

Excuse me, did I say Cajun girl? I meant... Cajun duck!

Here she is, Petite Rouge herself."

I wanted to do a "different kind of bird" and Jim Harris' illustration of Petite Rogue worked perfectly for this challenge.

To see more of Mr. Reed's digitals and fun pages, go to Jim Harris blog


Sabrina said...

Since I've spotted this on my way down to your CCEE card I'll leave a comment here instead of on SCS. Loved your write-up, also love that adorable little duck in her red cape, and your beautiful spray of white berries against the dark red background.

renee said...

thanks for sharing your cards vicky!