Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nay's birthday

Today is a very special lady's birthday.  A woman of strength and characer (wadda character!).  Renee is one of my very best friends....I swear we are soul sisters!  She is a lady of immense talent who has shared and taught me soooo much...both with her artistic abilities and the way she lives her life!  She and her husband have been married forever....in a day of divorce, I find that an immense achievement...but the best part?   They are still totally devoted to each other.  Fantastic mom; fantastic wife; fantastic friend!

I love ya, Ms. Renee!  HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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renee said...

oh my gosh..thank you dear vicky..your words bless my life..love this beautiful card, i am sitting looking at it in real life..:0 right now..being your friend , dear kindred spirit, it one of my biggest blessings..thank you.