Thursday, December 12, 2013

WT457 Shambhala and The Carpenter's Gift

Today's challenge is to make a card about books! Well, this is the book I'm reading....the third in this series. I've already read "The Celestine Prophecy" and "The Tenth Insight". All I can say is this series by James Redfield is "insightful"! Well worth the read.

The excerpt says: "In the remote snow-covered mountains near Tibet lies a community long thought to be a myth called Shambhala, or Shangri-La. Here, in this place, is knowledge that has been kept hidden for centuries--and an insight that can have profound impact on the way each of us lives our lives." Did I entice you?

and then,

The Carpeter's Gift...a book about a little boy's dream. . . I quote a description:

This new classic Christmas gift book "brings together two great traditions: the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and the neighbor-helping-neighbor program of Habitat for Humanity." Opening in Depression-era New York City, The Carpenter's Gift tells the story of eight-year-old Henry and his father selling Christmas trees. They give a Christmas tree to construction workers building Rockefeller Center and celebrate together. Through the kindness of the construction workers and neighbors, Henry gets his wish for a nice, warm home to replace his family's drafty shack. He plants a pinecone from that first Rockefeller Center Tree. As an old man, Henry repays the gift by donating the enormous tree that has grown from that pinecone. After bringing joy to thousands as the Rockefeller Center tree, its wood will be used to build a home for another family in need.


Kathy Bradley said...

Your card is lovely and certainly reflects the passages from the books - which sound awesome.

renee said...

beautiful cards Vicky..your a smart thoughtful person Vicky.