Thursday, December 5, 2013

WT456, Moonlight and Roses

Today's WT challenge is to stamp on script.

Years ago (maybe 10), I asked my aunt who is a pianist/organist for some old music sheets. One of the folders she gave me was called "Moonlight and Roses". I had to go to the attic to find it!!! Note the copyright under the number 25...coincidence? Who knows! Hope you like it...btw, this is going to that same aunt...the sheet was from her aunt!!!

My second card for today's challenge.  Using up remainder of torn sheet music!


jdmommy - Anne Harmon said...

How perfect to send this to an Aunt from whose family it came!! I love that old song, Vicky, especially the words "bring wonderful memories of you". You are so nice to think about! Hugs, my sweet friend.

Kathy Bradley said...

Beautiful cards - and I love the fact that you used sheet music that has a meaning to you!!

renee said...

beautiful cards the look of the old sheet music music..your dear Aunt is gonna love this ...thanks for sharing your art and your memories..