Sunday, December 15, 2013

FS358, sistersandie

Today's Featured Stamper is Sandie, a/k/a sistersandie! Wanna talk about a fabulous gallery full of eye candy?? This may be one of the first galleries that I looked at every single page! All I can say is WOW,'re something else....each and every card a feast for the eyes.

I chose this card to case for a very dear friend's birthday the end of this month! I know it looks simple...and it was....but very time consuming...lots of gluing. But, even Sandie's "easy" cards are works of art. Thanks for the inspiration, more December birthday and I can move on to January! Enjoy your reign, you certainly deserve it. Thanks for all your encouragement, kind comments and mostly for sharing your talent!!!

 Just had to do another to honor Sandie. She is sooo deserving of this!

I chose this Christmas card. Kept the basic layout, changed the verse, papers, holly and numbers. I used my Cricuit to make the numbers and then put a shadow around them to make them appear larger.

Having fun yet, Sandie?


renee said...

you know what a fan i am of the white on white card, but gotta re think..that tiny soft bit of blue pop is really you will see me casing that look..both are beautiful card Vicky..thanks for sharing.

kReN said...

Such a lovely birthday card and I own those punches! Just so that you know, I broke down and ordered the small deer dies. Couldn't hold out any longer. However, I think you used the larger ones. They're still on my Wish List!