Sunday, November 3, 2013

Magnetic Plate

I had a brain storm this morning!  (Yes, I have a brain!).  I'm always struggling with getting a really good cut with my BigKick.  I've tried every sandwich imaginable!  Have used card stock, cardboard, wax paper (always use that on intricate cuts), tried an old plate from my broken Cuttlebug (did not work) know the game.  I usually tape my dies to hold them in place...specially if I'm using up scraps.  Now, here's my little brain at work:

 I have the cases that come with magnetic inserts to store my dies....I'm sure you know what I mean.  (BTW, Recollections make the same case and it's $3 or $4 cheaper...same exact case!)  Anyway, someone on SCS suggested buying magnetic register covers at Lowes...they come a pack for under $5.00...I think....anyway, they're real cheap.  I've been seeing the magnetic pad that holds the dies when you cut and finally, I figured out 2 + 2!!!  This morning, I took one of the register covers and cut it the size of my plate.  Put my dies on and ran it through....perfect cut the first time.  The magnetic cover is thin and holds the die in place without tape and gives me a perfect cut!

Just had to share.  Hope you all have a great day!

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Angela said...

Vicky, this is a wonderful tip and thank you for posting it! Because my top plate is so warped it's hard to hold the dies in place on their way through my Big shot pro. I'm tired of taping everything down.