Sunday, October 27, 2013

FS351, catdidit, HYCCT1326, Mixed Media, HCCT1327, Honor an elderly person, HYCCT-B, Red/orange

Today's FS is Cathy, a/k/a catdidit. I chose this cute card to case.  Enjoy your reign, gallery to check out!

The HYCCT yesterday was Mixed Media. I used embossing powder, Copics, Pen for doodling and Colorbox Chalk Ink.

This is my second card honoring Cathy, catdidit. I chose this card to case.

It is also for the HYCCT challenge today to honor your elders - with a touch of gold. I used a gold Sharpie on the outside of the Spellbinder.

I was a very fortunate child (long ago) and was blessed with sooo many elders who were both a delight and a joy as well as teachers. This card represents two of the elderly grandfather and my great-uncle. Both of whom personified what "old age" really meant...more time to love and teach. I miss both of them more than words can say...such loving teachers for a young girl!

and, last for today:
 Red is the color of determination, strength, courage and love. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is the color of encouragement and determination. Hence the HYCCT challenge to make a card using red/orange.


renee said...

3 your personal note about your childhood..
your have been a mighty busy lady!

Shirley said...

Your cases are awesome and so much fun too! I really like 'age is the work of art'!! Your HYCCT card is lovely!! TFS about your wonderful grandfather and great-uncle!!