Monday, July 8, 2013

CAS, TLC, Laynee's 6th birthday

Today's CAS challenge is to mask; the TLC challenge is to do "tissue sponging".

Laynee's 6th birthday is tomorrow. She's really into the My Little Pony figures. She's missing a couple from her "herd", but has almost everyone of them. If you think learning all those names is isn't....unless you're a 6 year old who knows everyone by heart....I can now name about 25 or so and that's no small feat with names like Rarity and Groomer Barber, etc.

This card took me forever because of doing a search for just the right images. Here, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle are showing the love for Laynee on her birthday! I can't wait for her to see this card, but her party isn't until Saturday, so I'll have to control myself tomorrow when she's with me on her birthday! Gonna be hard!

Hope you're all having fun with these two challenges. I have to take my sis to Pittsburgh to yet another doctor...maybe one that can help her this time? Crossing fingers and saying prayers!

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Sabrina said...

LOL, because I remember the same problem with my best friend's son when he was into Pokemon and I only knew about two names. What a sweet card and perfect for a MLP lover. I bet she loved the card :D. Could she not have had it on her birthday instead of waiting till the party?