Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SC427, Lettie

On February 22nd, for the Inspiration Challenge, Kathleen Lammie posted this card. She immediately took me back to 2008 when my DH and I purchased a little orphan we named "Lettie". I think Kathleen's Megan and my Lettie are soul sisters! Unfortunately, my Lettie had a very short life due to a brain tumor. Ironically, my DH died that year also.

I PM'd Kathleen and asked if she would send me an image to add to Lettie's photo album (see insert for a photo of Lettie) and she was kind enough to do so. I have to admit I could not get through Lettie's album and making this card w/o shedding many tears for a sweet little soul who had such a short life - approx. 9 months! But, in that time, she loved and was loved so much.

Thanks again, Kathleen!

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renee said...

beautiful card Vicky, and a very heart felt message..thanks for sharing.