Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jake's Bar

When I was a small child (whoa - long time ago!), my sister and I used to spend summers with our grandparents in a little town in Pennsylvania called Parker. Parker has a sign that says, "Welcome to Parker, the smallest city in the USA."

My sister and I would go to the bus terminal and catch the bus to Parker - about 35 miles away - a big deal back then and, at that time, perfectly safe. However, about the time the bus was to be leaving off passengers in front of White's Store, my Granddad, who ran the local bar (oh, also at that time, not a great thing to do), would be sitting in the window on the left on his stool, smoking his pipe with cherry tobacco and watching for us. We were NOT allowed inside the bar - only in the restaurant part in the back, but we always knew Granddad would be watching. We'd wave and then walk on up the hill with our suitcases and Grandma would be waiting. What an awesome memory!! Many happy days spent in the smallest city in the U.S.!!

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One4Joy said...

Thanks for sharing the photo and the memory, Vicky! It must feel wonderful to think back on that time of innocence. I'm probably about the same age as you and remember the summer I was almost 13. My parents put me on a gray hound bus for a 500 mile trip to my grandparents in the next state. My youngest son is now 13 and of course I would not consider such!