Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New member of the family!!

On May 31st, we got a new dog. As some of you know, we had lost two dogs in the past year and after losing Lettie, we said no more! But, after six weeks of a quiet house, we had to break down and get ourselves a new baby. Meet Brin (she's brindle colored; hence Brin). We have always gotten rescued dogs and Brin is no exception. We find her loving, extremely smart and already housebroken. She's about a year old and already taken over the place.
Be a good owner - have your pets spayed or neutered. Help keep the population down.


Markie's Mom said...

OMGosh!!!! You totally did it!!! I LOVE your new blog!!!!

Great photo of Brin, too!

Kristin Edwards said...

Aww!! Vicky, I am in love with that pupcake! That's awesome that you rescue your pets. I'm a firm believer in that! If my dog Shadow would allow me to get another pet in the house (she's the jealous type) I'd resue from a shelter!
I'm sorry to hear about your other pet losses. I know exactly how hard that can be.


I am just another said...

Well, good for you! Congrats on your new family member! What a lucky doggie to have you as mommie!

I am happy for you Vicky!