Monday, June 16, 2008

Cassey's birthday

Well, continuing on with today's challenge - After making the one card, I got this brainstorm - (if I only had a brain!). So, still having reinker in my hairspray, I sprayed another piece of watercolor paper (it's blush blossom reinker). Then, I put heat and set all over the top of the card and tried to add gold flecks (the kind you use when you're making homemade paper) - then the old heat gun - well, the heat gun threw the gold flecks all over the place and there I was trying to pick them up one at a time to add to the already sticky heat set! Yep, I did it! Then, I added more heat and set and diamond dust. Although the photo doesn't show all the sparkle, this card sparkles as much as the woman who it is intended for does. A very sweet lady without a mean bone in her body - she'll be getting this card this Thursday on her birthday. Happy Birthday Cassey - many, many more! Hugs on your special day!


Markie's Mom said...

Beautiful birthday card! Lucky friend!

nancyruth said...

rally pretty Vicky I can just imagine that gold flying around, tee hee!