Thursday, August 25, 2016

CCEE1634, More Herbs, Less Salt Day!

Joanne's last challenge for this month is all about Herbs!  Herbs and plants add so much to our lives, so in honor of this unusual day, make a card with an herb or plant on it.  I know we have lots of followers who love gardening, so any of these images would work great.  You might even want to add colors that are named after herbs and plants; sage, thyme, lavender, cinnamon, nutmeg, mint, celery, olive or cocoa, as well as all those you can think of!

I chose Candytuft which is a medicinal herb, used for Dyspepsia - chronic digestive distress.

This was a fun challenge as were all of Joanne's challenges this month.  Thanks for some great ideas, Joanne....well done!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

CCEE1633, National Aviation Day

Liz carries on as hostess with a theme of National Aviation Day.  Liz says:

"Tomorrow is my birthday, as it is Bill Clinton, and in honor or Orville Wright (who shares this birthday with me), Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a proclamation to make it National Aviation Day.  I thought it would  be fun to hunt down an image of something man has made to fly in the air.  It might be an airplane, helicopter, rocket, jet or hot air balloon.  If none of these are available to you, how about a kite or a simple birthday balloon?  Our bonus can be to make it a birthday card!!!"

Well, I got a little guy flying an airplane who just happens to be one this worked out well for me!

Won't you join in?  Please add CCEE1633 to keywords on splitcoaststampers.  Have a wonderful day!


Thursday, August 11, 2016

CCEE1632, National Catfish Month

Liz carries on as hostess this month.  She says that the month of August is National Catfish Month.  Fishing is a year round sport and hobby in her area (mine too), especially saltwater fishing.  So, find a fish, or someone fishing and it might make a perfect masculine card for your stash.

This card is actually going to my neighbor for his birthday.  I love this image and how it turned out....hope you do too!

Come join us and link back to the ccee blog here.  Please add CCEE1632 if posting on splitcoaststampers.

Have a fun, creative day!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

CCEE1631, Sister's Day

 Liz takes over as hostess for the month of August!  For her first challenge, Liz says:

"As many of you know, or perhaps you don't, Lynn and I are sisters.  When we were asked to join the CCEE team together, we both thought it would be fun to be doing this togehter.  So, for your sister card, find an image of a pair or group of ladies or girls who just might e sisters doing things that sisters like to do."

I believe this is a TLC Creates digital, but it is an old one and I am not sure.  However, it certainly fits the bill.

We love having the sisters on our team....two great gals!

Have a fun day!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

CCEE1630, National Milk Chocolate Day

For her last challenge this month, Joanne tells us that Today is National Milk Chocolate Day.  So, let's make some deeeelish designs showing chocolate in some form or using the color chocolate.

I made chocolate Easter Bunnies (one down!) and also used Chocolate Chip cardstock.  I love a sense of humor....whish I could claim it.  The inside says "...besides chocolate, you're my favorite".

Won't you join in on this challenge.  Please add CCEE1630 to keywords on splitcoaststampers.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

CCEE1629, Beaches

Joanne carries on as hostess this month.  For this week, Joanne says:

July, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, is one of our warmest months.  When I think oi hot days, I think of the beach.  Let's create cards that honor beaches in some way."

I chose this dreamy mermaid sitting on a beach playing in the sand for my card.  This will go to a good friend of mine who also loves the beach!  Doesn't hurt that she also LOVES the beach!!!  LOL!

Won't you join in with us and show us your work?  If you post on SCS, please add CCEE1629 to the keywords.  Have a fun creative day!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

CCEE1628, Cow Appreciation Day

Today, Joanne tells us that tomorrow is National Cow Appreciation Day.  So, let's create a card with a cow or two on it.  If you happen to not have cow images, then use another "farm" animal.  Please add a fun sentiment or make it as a get well card.

My sentiment outside is "HERD it's your birthday".....inside says:  "Party til the cows come home".  My cow has a little kitten to party with!

If you play along and post on splitcoaststampers, please add CCEE1628 to your keywords.  Also, please link back to the CCEE Blog

Have a "moo-licious" day!!!